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Louisiana state Senators question assumptions of Jindal's budget

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March 15, 2012

By Lauren Rodgers


BATON ROUGE, LA: Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposed budget has caused a stir with members of the Louisiana State Senate. According to the Associated Press, more than $1 billion of Jindal's budget is "tied to passage of state legislation, approval by federal officials, sale of state property or other assumptions."[1] Of Jindal's proposed $25,5 billion budget, the portion in question is roughly four percent.

The concern for the budget is bi-partisan. Jack Donahue, the chairman of the Senate's Finance Committee, wants to be clear about which line items are tied to which other line items. Gregory Tarver (D), a member of Donahue's committee, warned that if legislation tied to the budget proposal doesn't pass, it would "make a colossal hit on the budget."[1]


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