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Louisiana voters approve 8 of the 10 proposed amendments

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November 8, 2010

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: Voter made their points clear during election day, approving six measures easily and two left to close calls. Amendment 4 and Amendment 7 were the two measure which did not garner the needed support to be approved. For Amendment 4, 52 percent of voters said no and on Amendment 7, 55 percent said no. Amendment 8 was a close run, with it barely gaining a pass with 51 percent of the voters in favor. Amendment 8 was likely the most debated issue on the Louisiana ballot, asking voters to allow the state to take blighted property more easily from homeowners in order to quicker develop hurricane hit areas, most notably New Orleans. Amendment 1 had the most support, with 73 percent of voters in favor of it. This will make any salary changes made by the legislature take place the following session, allowing it to be curbed by voters if necessary. Turn out for the election was around 38 percent of Louisiana voters as noted by the Secretary of State.

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