Luling City Alcohol Sales Referendum (November 2009)

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The Luling City Alcohol Sales Referendum appeared on the November 3 ballot in the city of Luling which is in both Guadalupe County and Caldwell County.[1]

This alcohol sales referendum sought to allow the sale of alcohol within city limits. This referendum was brought to the ballot by city residents who saw the law forbidding sales as outdated from the prohibition period and needed to be changed. Those who supported the referendum saw it as a way to better control alcohol consumption within the city and was to hopefully reduce the number of alcohol abusers. People could bring alcohol into restaurant and drink as much as they bring, but if it was sold by a bartender, supporters stated it would be better regulated, in previous law. Proponents stated that there was drinking already in the town, it was just that you cannot buy it. Being allowed to buy it in the city would potentially add jobs for stores and better regulate consumption, according to the people who supported the measure.[2]

Election results

The measure was approved.

Alcohol Sales Referendum
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 340 74.2%
No 118 25.8%
Total votes 458 100.00%
Voter turnout n/a%