Lynwood City Council recall, California (2010)

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An effort to recall four members of the Lynwood City Council and the city's clerk was launched in April 2010.[1] The recall effort was ultimately abandoned.


Council members Maria Santillan, Aide Castro, Jim Morton and Alfredo Flores were targeted in the recall effort, as was City Clerk Maria Quiñones.

The Citizens Network for the Recall of Flores, Castro and Quiñonez Committee spearheaded the unsuccessful recall effort.

Sylvia Ortiz led a late 2009 effort to recall Aide Castro, Alfredo Flores and Maria Quiñones. She has subsequently withdrew her recall papers and did not support the efforts of the 2010 recall group.[2]

Recall in 2007

Four members of the Lynwood City Council were successfully recalled in 2007.

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