MAPS 3 Ballot (December 2009)

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There was a special election for the MAPS 3 Ballot on December 8 in Oklahoma City.

Election results

This measure passed

  • YES 40,956 (54.30%)Approveda
  • NO 34,465 (45.70%)[1]

This was the biggest voter turnout the city has on record, with a little over 31 percent of registered voters turning up. Council members stated that general interest on the issue and continued advertising on TV for the measure helped get the large number of residents to vote. Due to the high approval rate for this measure, the council sees it as their assignment by the people to make the city better.[2]

Path to Ballot

Wednesday September 30th, the city council voted 8-1 to hold a special election on the 8th of December in order for voters to vote on the MAPS 3 initiative.[3] MAPS stands for Metropolitan Area Projects and was started in 1993 when voters approved a MAPS sales tax. This is a broad term used multiple times in elections to help voters know more specifically what they are voting for.[4] This vote in December is different because there is no description for what the new tax would be used for, where as before there is always a list of specifics. Each different project would need a separate vote, so the city grouped them all together as 'capitol improvements' to make it easier for the voter. Projects included in this MAPS project are the building of a new convention center, a park int he downtown area, streetcars and a commuter rail system.[5]

Now the city leaders are trying to gain the Police support of the measure by stating that they will create new positions. The police force before had said NO to the measure, stating that they did not have enough personnel to patrol these new areas being created with this MAPS tax. The city proposed adding 20 officers, but the police department has not said officially if they are behind this or not.[6]