MS Supreme Court to take on eminent domain initiative lawsuit

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August 4, 2011


JACKSON, Mississippi: A three-judge panel with the Mississippi Supreme Court will review the lower court ruling regarding the eminent domain measure slated for the 2011 general election ballot, as justices agreed to expedite an appeal.

The state high court will review a previously ruling by Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Winston Kidd who stated the initiative did not conflict with the Mississippi Constitution's Bill of Rights, as challenged in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed against the Mississippi Secretary of State's office by Leland Speed, a Mississippi businessman who is the leader of the Mississippi Development Authority. However, Speed stated that he filed the lawsuit as a private citizen. According to Speed: “This initiative will hurt opportunities for thousands of Mississippians for better jobs and for better lives."

The Supreme Court Justices requested that paperwork be submitted by August 12, 2011. The court has also not yet scheduled oral arguments for the case.[1][2]

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