Madeira City Referendum Change Amendment (November 2011)

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A Madeira City Referendum Change Amendment measure was on the November 8, 2011 ballot in the city of Madeira which is in Hamilton County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 2,663 (80.75%)Approveda
  • NO 635 (19.25%)[1]

This measure sought to amend the requirements for initiating and submitting referendums to the city. The proposed changes will make it easier to collect signatures and submit petitions and it would clarify requirements that are required when filing paperwork. Frustration by residents who had attempted to get an issue onto the ballot but failed because of legal technicalities sought this amendment which would make the process easier to understand for residents. There had been two proposed measures about this issue, but the city council was able to agree on one measure with the citizens group who had advocated for the changes.[2]