Maine 2008 citizen initiatives

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This table lists Citizen Initiatives that were registered with the Maine Secretary of State. According to laws governing the I&R process in Maine, sponsors of initiatives have 18 months from the time the initiative is approved for circulation to collect sufficient signatures to qualify their measure for the ballot. In Maine, ballot measure elections are held every year in November. As a result, a measure that fails to turn in signatures by the January deadline in one year can continue to circulate (subject to the 18-month statutory limit) in the hopes of collecting enough signatures to make the November ballot the next year.

2008 Citizen Initiatives

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
VR Repeal RealID Civil rights Would repeal Maine's first implementation of Homeland Securities RealID program Failed to meet deadline with signatures
VR Repeal Dirigo Tax Taxes Would repeal Legislature's bill LD431 to tax beverages and doctors visits to benefit the Dirigo Health program Approveda

For a complete listing of all 2008 ballot measures in Maine, see Maine 2008 ballot measures.

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