Maine Chamber of Commerce withdraws support for TABOR II

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September 23, 2009

AUGUSTA, Maine: Yesterday, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce withdrew its support for Maine Tax Relief Initiative, Question 4 (2009), also known as TABOR II. Five months prior, the chamber supported the measure before the legislative policy committee. According to chamber officials the business organization was unable to reach a consensus position on Question 4. "When you have a complex, challenging policy like this is, it is very difficult in a referendum process that only allows you a 'yes' or a 'no' to reconcile those challenges," said Conners.[1]

The Maine Chamber of Commerce, as a whole, does not officially oppose or support the measure at this time. In response to the chambers announcement David Crocker, Yes on 4 campaign chairman said that this is not a huge blow the campaign because the chamber has chosen to remain neutral.[2]

The No on 4 campaign, however, has marked the announcement as a clear victory. "This clearly is a backing off of the position the Chamber took in April when they testified in support of TABOR before the Legislature...It is an acknowledgment of the damages and the devastating effects that TABOR 2 would have on our infrastructure, both transportation and on tourism," said Crystal Canney, spokeswoman for the No On 4 campaign.[1]

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