Maine Legislative Document 1528 (2011)

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Maine Legislative Document 1528 (2011)
Flag of Maine.png
Legislature:Maine State Legislature
Text:As chaptered
Legislative History
Governor:Paul LePage (R)
Signed:June 14, 2011
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Maine
Maine Legislative Document 1528 makes a number of changes to state election law. With respect to ballot measures, the bill would clarify "the requirements for the information that is created to help voters understand ballot questions, including the Attorney General's explanatory statement of what a 'yes' vote favors and what a 'no' vote opposes; the Office of Fiscal and Program Review's estimate of the fiscal impact on state revenues, appropriations and allocations of each ballot measure; and the Treasurer's Statement that accompanies each bond issue."[1]

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