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The Maine Municipal Association is a government sector lobbying association in Maine. It is represented by the National League of Cities.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The Maine Municipal Association had a registered lobbyist with the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices for 2010.[2]

Opposition to TABOR

The Maine Municipal Association was a chief opponent to the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, or TABOR. This proposed bill would limit spending at all levels of government in two ways: first, by capping spending at the rate of inflation plus population growth, and secondly, by requiring voter approval for all tax and fee increases.[3]

A representative for the MMA stated his concerns that TABOR required two-thirds of a governing body to initiate a citizen referendum to override the measure and increase spending beyond the limits, instead of a simple majority. Also, he noted, the bill was unclear about quasi-governmental agencies, such as water districts, and on its effects on municipalities which vote on their annual budgets through town meetings. The representative stated that TABOR is "one of those situations where the more information people are given about the proposal, the more they'll understand some of the problems."

One columnist for the Kennebec Journal alleged that a political action committee which lobbied against TABOR, calling itself "Maine Citizens Who Support Public Schools," was really an arm of the MMA: its only contribution in 2009 was $10,000 from the Maine Municipal Association.[4][5]

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