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Maine Questions 3 and 5 fly under the political radar

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October 19, 2009

687px-Flag of Maine.svg.png
After the long trip, I’m finally here in the gorgeous city of Portland, Maine. Driving through one of the largest cities in the state, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’ve ever seen that many sailboats on a crisp autumn day. That’s just not what I’m accustomed to. But putting all aquatic activity aside, I have a full plate of debates, interviews and experiences in the week ahead.

In the shadow of this year’s Question 1 and the other hot topic of Question 4, Questions 3 and 5 can be somewhat overlooked, and information on the measures can be slim pickings. That presents a challenge for campaigns in both measures. In spite of this, leaders are pushing harder for their messages to be heard as the elections make their way from just over the horizon.

Tonight at 6 p.m. EST, I will be in attendance as the aforementioned Skip Greenlaw will debate Question 3 with opponents at the University of Maine. The interview with the Question 3 supporter will have to wait due to his busy schedule and preparation for tonight’s showdown. I’ll be covering both sides of the argument and have the summary of the night’s events posted shortly afterwards.

Tomorrow, look for my interview with state Senator Joseph Brannigan, a supporter of Question 5 and medical marijuana. We’ll get insight on how strongly of a position the senator, who is currently in his sixth term, has on the issue and what he plans to do to further promote the measure’s passage. Insight from the opposing side will come later this week as well![1]

All in all, the weather cleared up, the sun is out and the leaves are turning that tranquil golden-brown color we all love. I hope it stays that way.


Interesting fact: The Portland city seal depicts a phoenix with the slogan, “Resurgam”, meaning “I will rise again”. This references the city’s survival of several fires, including one that destroyed the former city hall.[2]

You should have seen: The multiple campaign signs that have been planted all around downtown. One such sign, stating “Vote No” for a certain measure was planted directly in front of a “Vote Yes” sign, strategically blocking it out.

Coming soon: Images from tonight's debate. Interviews with the opposing sides of Questions 3 and 5 will come later this week.


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