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Maine Real Estate Listing Service Initiative (2008)

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The Public Real Estate Listing Service initiated state statute is approved for circulation in Maine for the November 2008 general election ballot.

If the initiated bill makes it to the ballot and is approved by voters, it will authorizes the establishment of an open multiple listing service for real estate. An operator of this open multiple listing service is chosen through a competition. This operator has the exclusive right to operate the open multiple listing service for 10 years. The bill requires a real estate brokerage agency entering into a brokerage agreement with a client regarding residential property to list the property with the open multiple listing service unless the client directs the agency otherwise.


Currently Maine has a statewide MLS, the Maine Real Estate Information which is a subsidiary of the Maine Association of Realtors trade group.


The Open MLS and Trust MLS are the groups that supported the initiative. They are led by a California lawyer, David Barry, who has engaged in several antitrust cases against Realtor groups throughout his career.

The groups believe that a system should be established that will have MLS available not only to realators but also to the public as well.[1]


The National Association of Realtors, Maine State chapter asked each of its members to contribute $200 to fight the initiative and other regulatory efforts.


The initiative was withdrawn due to lack of financial support. The group had collect 65,000 signatures but felt they needed an additional 25,000 in order to meet the valid signature requirements.

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