Maine same-sex marriage law likely to be put on hold

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July 12, 2009

AUGUSTA, Maine: Last week, opponents of the Maine same-sex marriage law passed in May 2009 by the Maine State Legislature and signed by Gov. John Baldacci, announced that they have collected more than enough signatures to bring the issue to a vote in the November 2009 ballot.

The same-sex law is scheduled to take effect September 12, 2009 but if the Maine Secretary of State determines that sufficient signatures were collected, the law will not go into effect until and unless a statewide vote of the people approves it. Petitioners have until 90 days after the Legislature adjourns in June to collect those signatures.

The Stand for Marriage Maine Coalition, a supporter of the petition, said that petition supporters have gathered more than the 55,087 signatures required to bring the issue to a vote. Even with enough signatures, opponents of the approved marriage law said they will continue to gather signatures.[1]

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