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Majestic Realty is a real estate development company located in the Industry, California. It is owned by Ed Roski, Jr..[1]

The company has given $300,000 to the campaign to pass the California Term Limits Initiative (2010).[2]

Stadium in Industry

Majestic Realty wants to build a football stadium in the City of Industry. According to Sacramento Bee reporter Dan Walters, the City of Industry "is tightly controlled by an entrenched oligarchy and resembles a medieval European fiefdom.[3]

Part of Majestic Realty's plan for the stadium included gaining an exemption from the California State Legislature to any potential litigation arising from the California Environmental Quality Act. The exemption was granted, according to Walters, in this fashion:[3]

"The bill sailed through both legislative houses in near-record time, just five weeks after its introduction. And exactly two months after it was signed into law, Roski's Majestic Realty donated $300,000 to a campaign for a ballot measure that would loosen up the state's legislative term-limit law, thereby allowing lawmakers to enjoy longer careers in Sacramento.
Coincidence? Somehow one doubts it. If nothing else, it demonstrates how money and politics intersect – and how regulatory government has a darker side, creating motivation for backroom dealing."[3]

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