Majority of Chicagoland referenda defeated

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February 4, 2010

CHICAGO, Illinois: During the Illinois Statewide primary election on February 2nd, a majority of referendums of different types were defeated in the Chicagoland region. Despite the races for Governor and U.S. Senate were given more attention, concerns of taxpayers in a down economy trumped a different message[1].

Some of the most notable defeats were a $174 million dollar school bond referendum in New Trier Township, a 911 surcharge increase in Wheeling, a fire tax in Bensenville, roadwork in Villa Park, and class-size reduction bond in Marengo in which encompassed a long list of referendums defeated[1].

Political strategist Pete Giangreco told WLS-TV 7 that even trying to get taxpayers to say yes to school and other tax bond referendums is very difficult in a down economy. Giangreco said that it is up to people in their communities to be motivated to support a referendum in a down economy if they feel if its right[1].


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