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Majority of GOP Secretary of State Pickups won by Obama in 2008

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November 4, 2010

By Joseph Kastner

With all 2010 Secretary of State elections accounted for, a grand total of 9 of the statewide offices have switched hands from Democratic to Republican. Of these states, 6 of them - Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, and Pennsylvania - went to Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.[1]

Secretary of State Shift on November 2 Compared to States Won by President Obama in 2008
State won by Obama in 2008  % of popular vote won by Obama in 2008 Chief Election Official?
Indiana 54.0% Yes
Iowa 54.0% Yes
Maine 57.6% Yes
Michigan 57.4% Yes
New Hampshire[2] 54.3% Yes
New Mexico 56.7% Yes
Ohio 51.2% Yes
Pennsylvania 54.7% Yes

The three states that switched from Democrat to Republican which Obama did not win two years ago are Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Of the 9 states that are now under Republican, only one of them - Oklahoma - does not have the secretary of state serve that their state's designated chief election official.

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  1. New York Times, "2008 Presidential Election results"
  2. [The legislature in this state selects the Secretary of State. While the current SOS, William Gardner, has held the office under both Democratic and Republican assemblies, there is still a possibility this could change. Additionally, with the State GOP riding high after capturing a trifecta - the governorship and both state houses - this gives some credence to this suggestion.]