Malden City Charter Amendments (2011)

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There may be several Malden City Charter Amendments on the 2011 ballot in Middlesex County for voters in the city of Malden.

Currently the city council is looking in to amending the current city charter. A committee was established to find items that needed to be amended. One item they voted fully in favor for was lowering the amount of voters needed to vote on an initiative petition. Currently around half of all registered voters are needed to vote in order for a measure to pass, this proposed amendment would make it so only 15 percent would be needed. This has seen strong backing because it is hard to get enough voters to turn out for municipal elections. The other issue they discussed was changing how vacant council seats are filled. Instead of the current way, where the next person with the highest number of votes takes the vacant seat, the proposed amendment would require a special election to be held to fill that seat. This was also discussed in regards to a mayor resigning, a special election would also be held to fill that position. Next step for the council is to discuss these issues with the city at large and then move them to be approved on the state level.[1]