Marcia Young, Forest Hill, Louisiana, 2010

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An election about whether to recall Marcia Young from her position as the Mayor of Forest Hill, Louisiana, will not take place, after Louisiana's 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that procedural errors by recall supporters were sufficiently grave that the recall petition must be held to be invalid.[1]

Petitions to recall Young started to circulated in December 2009.[2]

Mike Polakovich, former fire chief and a recall organizer, stated that the recall effort was focused on the Mayor's not fixing an alleged problem with the volunteer fire program. Supporters of the recall said that Fire Chief Tim West is the reason that 15 volunteer firefighters have resigned.

According to Polakovich: "At the first of the year, I went to the mayor and told her, 'You need to do something. Guys are going to quit.'" Young has refused to fire West, stating that people are simply upset that fire chief moved the annual Nursery Festival out of the downtown area.

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