Marcy Bartniczak recall, Worth Township, Michigan (2011)

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Marcy Bartniczak was recalled from her elected position as the town clerk of Worth Township in Sanilac County, Michigan in a special recall election that took place on May 3, 2011.[1][2]

Douglas Varty was the lead organizer of the recall effort.

He said that his motivation for warning to remove Bartniczak from office is the role she played in a lawsuit filed by George and Margaret Paeth against the county. The Paeths filed their lawsuit after the township placed a stop-work order on the home they were building in 2007. A judge agreed with the Paeths that there were irregularities in the process, and ordered the township to pay them $600,000 and an additional $201,000 in attorneys' fees.

Bartniczak said that blaming her for the lawsuit and fine against the township isn't fair, because the entire township board was involved.[1]

Path to the ballot

On January 27, recall lead organizer Douglas Varty submitted 670 signatures to election officials in order to quality the recall question for the ballot, versus a requirement of 404 signatures.

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