Maricopa School District Budget Override (March 2010)

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There was a Maricopa School District Budget Override proposition on the March 9 ballot in Maricopa County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 1,115 (48.21%)
  • NO 1,198 (51.79%)Defeatedd[1]

The School district's governing board had decided to put a 10 percent budget override measure on the March ballot again for voters to decide on. They tried this issue also in November of 2009 but 77 percent of voters denied it. School board members say the reason the measure did not pass in November was because the public was not informed of the need and the use of the override. They are hoping to better inform and educate the public this time so that the measure will pass. School programs and activities are what will be cut if the override is not passed, school board members would try to not cut classroom needs unless they have to. To pay for the override about 10 percent of home owner's property taxes would go towards the school to help pay.[2]

New state law now allows for all schools to request a budget override, before it was differentiated between school district types and grade levels. Nearly $123 million have been cut from state budgets in regards to school funding, meaning the schools themselves will need to find ways to raise more money to meet their shortfalls. Schools noted that extracurricular activities would be the first to be cut if money is not found to support those programs.[3] Currently the school district is receiving around $1 million from the homeowner taxes, but could go as high as $2.5 in 2012 because of the census.[4]