Marion County Government Change (May 2010)

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There was a Marion County Government Change measure on the May 18 ballot in Marion County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 13,433 (23.39%)
  • NO 43,996 (76.61%)Defeatedd[1]

This measure asked voters if they wanted to change the form of government from a statutory general law government to a home rule charter county instead. This form of government would have given the county more control over the county, able to make their own rules and not be under the rules of the state.[2] To help voters understand what this change would have entailed, there was a forum held on Thursday February 18 led by the League of Women Voters. The league believed that if residents were better informed about the measure then they would be able to make a better decision in May. There were strong arguments in favor of this change, those that want accountable commissioners and want a better represented government for the county.[3] There was also a voice against this measure, stating that making the county government bigger was not the right option for residents. Public funds would be distributed differently and public safety is likely to decrease in some people's view of the changes.[4]

The group that petitioned to get this measure on the ballot were working to help educate residents as well on the issue, emphasizing the fact that with two more commissioners the people of the county would be better represented. Current county commissioners were against the proposal saying that it was bad for both the residents and the businesses of the county and would slow down the government by adding more commissioners. To pay for the two new commissioners, the county treasurer position would have been eliminated and district would have been created within the county to elect individual commissioners.[5]

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