Marion School District Levy Implementations, 2 (August 2012)

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Two Marion School District Levy Implementation measures were on the August 14, 2012 ballot in the school district of Marion County.

Both measures were defeated[1]

The school board sought to implement two temporary levies set at a rate of $.50 per $1,000 of assessed value for four years on both levies. The first levy would have gone towards capital improvements for the schools and the second would have gone towards operational costs. The county commission had not wanted to place the measures on the ballot but Florida law stipulates that if the School board approved the measures they choose when to place the measures for a vote. County lawyers had stated that if the commission had voted against placing the measures on the ballot they would have ended up in court likely paying large court fees. The schools stated that the money would be used to upgrade facilities and pay for school needs.[2]


Nearly half of the school district administrators, School Board members and candidates running for school related offices stated that they did not support these two levy measures.[3]


The group Yes! for Marion Schools had been formed to support the school campaign in May, this group was also supported by the teachers union in favor of the tax measures.[4]