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Martha Andrus recall, Grambling, Louisiana, 2009

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The Grambling Board of Aldermen have signed a petition for the resignation of Mayor Martha Andrus and launched a recall effort for her office.[1][2][3]

Andrus is accused of firing city accountant Willie Mabry after he discovered nearly $50,000 missing from Grambling's City Water and Sanitation Fund.[2] Further accusations include transferring funds between city departments, removing city clerk Pamela Stringseller and replacing her with Elizabeth Jones (accused of hiding the embezzlement), and moving money between banks without approval from the aldermen.[2] A state police investigation is ongoing.[4][3]

The recall effort has started a petition to try and get a third of Grambling's residents to sign it in order to force the mayor out.[2]

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In response, Andrus sued the Board of Aldermen, claiming that members are hindering her ability to conduct the town's business.[4] Third District Judge Jay McCallum was set to rule on an emergency writ of mandamus that the Board of Aldermen brought in an effort to force Andrus to comply with board rulings on financial and personnel decisions. But Andrus, with new attorney Chris Bowman, filed the lawsuit against the board before a ruling on the writ could be issued. McCallum is scheduled to hear the charges and make a ruling on February 6, 2009.[4]

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