Mason City Charter Amendments, Questions 6 and 7 (November 2012)

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Two Mason City Charter Amendment questions were on the November 6, 2012 election ballot in Warren County, which is in Ohio, where they were approved.

The first question amended the Mason City Charter concerning nominations for City Council.

The second question amended the Mason City Charter to provide funding for the Fire, EMS and Safety services of the City through continuing a property tax levy of up to 5 mills ($5 per $1,000 of assessed valuation) and a .15% income tax.[1]

Election results

Mason City Amendment 1
Approveda Yes 9,652 70.83%
Mason City Amendment 2
Approveda Yes 11,309 73.32%

Election results from Warren County, Election Results, December 7, 2012

Text of measure

Language on the ballot for question 6:


Nominations for members of Council shall be made only by petition signed by qualified electors of the Municipality not less in number than twenty-five. Such petitions shall be accompanied by a declaration of candidacy and shall be filed with the election authorities not later than 4:00 p.m. of the ninetieth day before the date of the regular Municipal election. If the nominating petition or declaration of candidacy is found by the election authorities to contain any defect that would prevent the candidate's name from being placed on the ballot, the election authorities shall immediately notify the candidate who shall then have ten days to correct any such defect. No primary election shall be held for Council candidates.

Shall the proposed amendment of section 8.01 of the Charter for the City of Mason be Adopted?



Language on ballot for question 7:

The proposed Charter amendment funds the City’s Fire, EMS and Safety Services and replaces the City’s current real estate tax levy for Fire and EMS Services:

• The proposed Charter amendment does not increase tax rates for Mason homeowners or their dependents; and

• The State of Ohio has stopped giving Mason $700,000 of Fire and EMS funding per year.

• Mason wants to maintain the same level of Fire and EMS Services it now has.

• Mason has not increased its Fire and EMS Levy rate since 1998.

• Mason does not want to increase, but to retain the same real estate tax rate as exists now for its residents.

• The proposed Charter amendment restricts Council from raising tax rates.

• The proposed Charter amendment allows Council to lower tax rates.


Mason shall raise funds to pay for safety, fire and EMS services through two revenue sources. First, a continuing real estate tax levy not to exceed 5.0 mills may be imposed on Mason real estate commencing in tax year 2013 for collection beginning in 2014. This levy shall continue until changed by the electors of Mason through an amendment to this charter provision. Second, a not to exceed .0015 tax on income shall be collected by Mason in the same manner as the income tax set forth in section 10.04 of the Charter, with the exception that those who own and live in homes in Mason, and who therefore pay the real estate tax set forth above, shall be exempted from the not to exceed .0015 income tax along with their dependents.

This income tax shall be imposed starting on January 1, 2013 and shall be at a rate of .0012 during calendar year 2013, and cannot be changed except by legislative action receiving an affirmative vote of at least five council members, and can only take effect on January 1 of the calendar year following legislative action, provided that such legislative action takes place at least six months prior to the effective date and shall not exceed .0015. If any portion of this section is deemed to be unenforceable, only the unenforceable portions of this section shall be deleted and the remainder shall remain in force. Shall the proposed amendment of section 10.05 of the Charter for the City of Mason be Adopted?



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