Mason Consolidated Schools board recall, Michigan, 2009

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An effort is underway to recall four members of the Mason Consolidated School Board.[1]

Targeted members include:board president Donald Pearce, as well as board members Kenneth Sieg, Sandra Dobbs, and Wynne Phillips.

On Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Monroe County citizens voted against recalling the 4 targeted board members. However, regardless of the recall outcome, board president Pearce has already resigned and will no longer serve.[2]

Election results

The Mason Consolidated Schools board recall was defeated.

Below are the results for the individual members:[3]

Recall target Vote for recall Vote against recall
Donald Pearce 701 755 Defeatedd
Kenneth Sieg 712 790 Defeatedd
Sandra Dobbs 686 787 Defeatedd
Wynne Phillips 693 782 Defeatedd

Recall effort

In February 2009, the board decided to terminate the third-party contract with the employer of Thomas McGarry, who was a former teacher and popular middle school principal. This in effect ended McGarry's employment, and sparked the recall effort against the board.[1]

Now the sponsors, many of them parents of students in the district, must get signatures from 76 registered voters for each of the four recall petitions.[1]

Sandra Dobbs, who currently serves as the board's secretary, says the board did their best to make decisions in the district's best interest. "It’s a thankless job. You put yourself out there because you want to do the best for the community. It is very disheartening. You have all the facts and make a decision, and if it doesn’t sit well with a couple of people, they are going to go after you and accuse you of things," she said.


In late March 2009, the Monroe County Election Commission approved the petitions to recall board president Donald Pearce, as well as board members Kenneth Sieg, Sandra Dobbs, and Wynne Phillips.

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