Massachusetts House to vote on redistricting committee bill

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February 28, 2011


BOSTON, Massachusetts: The Massachusetts House of Representatives is poised to vote on legislation that would create a joint committee in charge of redistricting.

The bill -- S9 -- was already approved by the Massachusetts State Senate. If -- and likely when -- it is passed by the House and signed by the governor, a 28-member committee would be formed. This committee would be composed of:

Today, S 9 was reported out of the Steering, Policy and Scheduling Committee. A vote is expected during the next sitting.

Earlier this year, a bill to create an independent redistricting commission was defeated. Senator Stanley Rosenberg (D) said that evidence does not support the conclusion that independent commissions draw better maps.[1]

Massachusetts is required to reduce its Congressional delegation from 10 to 9 representatives. Currently, none of the 10 sitting incumbents has expressed an interest in resigning.[2]

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