Massachusetts Republicans look to regroup

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November 15, 2012


By: George Sousouris

BOSTON, Massachusetts: While Republicans fared poorly at the top of the ticket nationally, candidates further down the ballot in Massachusetts faced perhaps even more disappointing results. A Democratic spokesman put it bluntly on Wednesday when he said of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, that "In the history of the United States of America only one presidential candidate has ever lost his home state by a wider margin than Mitt Romney lost Massachusetts."[1]

One of the most watched Senate races in country was the showdown between Senator Scott Brown (R) and challenger Elizabeth Warren (D), with Warren coming out victorious. But even further down the ballot, Republicans were disappointed that they failed to pick up any Congressional seats, and at the state level, lost four House seats in an already staggeringly Democratic chamber.[2]

In recognition of the fact that Republicans in the state may have been harmed by comments made at the national level by some far-right candidates, the Massachusetts Republican Party State Committee rejected the national Republican Party platform in a vote on Tuesday.[1]

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