Massachusetts passes amendment aimed at illegal immigrants

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April 30, 2012


BOSTON, Massachusetts: The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a $32.4 billion budget last week which included an amendment containing several proposals aimed at illegal immigrants. Although the amendment garnered bipartisan support, Rep. John Fernandes (D) and Sen. Richard Moore (D) incorporated it into 2013 spending measures to ensure passage, given the highly controversial nature of all legislation addressing illegal immigration.[1]

There are three main changes contained within the amendment: It raises the fine for driving without a license from $500 to $2,000, increases penalties for companies that hire illegal workers, and would require all people to produce a Social Security number or tax ID number when registering a vehicle.[1]

The amendment gained support in the wake of an accident in Milford in which a man was struck and killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driving. In support of his bill, Fernandes claimed, this is a "substantive step that has been taken to address the secondary impacts (of illegal immigration).”[1]

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