Matt Waligora, Mike Nunneley, and Dave Karschnick recall, Alpena, Michigan (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall Matt Waligora, Mike Nunneley, and Dave Karschnick from their elected positions in the city government of Alpena, Michigan, took place on November 6, 2012.[1] Election results were not immediately published due to an issue affecting more than 1,300 absentee ballots,[2] but ultimately, Waligora was retained in office while Nunneley and Karschnick were recalled.[3][4] Waligora serves as the city's mayor, while Nunneley and Karschnick were members of the city council.

Reasons for recall

The recall was initiated after the targeted officials voted to fire former City Manager Thad Taylor. Taylor was fired because the city wanted to "move in a new direction," but no more details were provided to the public.[1] Cindy Johnson was a leader in the recall effort. The recall petition language accused the targeted officials of acting irresponsibly when they voted to fire former Alpena City Manager Thad Taylor, violating the Open Meetings Act, and putting pressure on the city's budget due to the costs associated with Taylor's release and the hiring of a replacement City Manager.[5]

Path to the ballot

Recall petition language was approved in July 2012.[6] Signatures were verified in August 2012. In order to place the recall on the ballot, 804 signatures were needed for each targeted official. 861 signatures were verified for Nunneley, 854 for Karschnick, and 841 for Waligora.[5]

Election results

Matt Waligora

Should Matt Waligora be recalled?
Defeatedd No2,45965%
Yes 1,990 45%

Mike Nunneley

Should Mike Nunneley be recalled?
Approveda Yes 2,389 54%

Dave Karschnick

Should Dave Karschnick be recalled?
Approveda Yes 2,474 56%

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