McGary on the offensive in Tennessee's 10th senate district

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September 30, 2012


By Justin Haas

Andrae McGary went on the offensive against opponent Todd Gardenhire at a candidate forum aimed at black voters a day after he warned of a smear campaign by his opponent. At the forum, he recounted a series of events that he said proved his opponents reluctance in venturing into a politically hostile area.[1]

"One of the reasons [Gardenhire's] here tonight is because the paper called him and asked why he hadn't responded to the invite to go." "He said he lost it. He said his assistant lost it. Finally, he said, 'No, I lost it, and I'll be there,'" McGary said.[1]

He went on to say, "If you have to backdoor someone into coming to talk to you, how can they represent you?"[1]

After the attack, Gardenhire stated that he had no comment "on anything Andrae says."[1]

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