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Medical Affairs Committee, South Carolina State Senate

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South Carolina State Senate
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The Medical Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the South Carolina State Senate.

Per Section 19 (d) of the Senate Rules, committees of the South Carolina State Senate are assigned through self-selection by Senate members. For committee selection, the Clerk of the Senate will make a list of all Senate members in the order of length of service and the members with the longest continuous service will select first. This process will continue until all members are assigned. Committees are assigned at the start of the new session following the election of Senate members.[1] The chairman of each standing committee will be the senior member of the majority party. If a vacancy were to occur in the chairmanship of a standing committee, then the next most senior member from the majority party would take over.[2]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Rules of the Senate of South Carolina


The Standing Committees of the Senate shall be as follows and shall have jurisdiction over legislation, appointments and other matters which fall within the title or titles of the Code of Laws as are herein below enumerated for the Medical Affairs Committee: Titles 39 (drug products), 40 (health care professionals), 43, 44, and 48 (pollution control, waste management, water and sewer).[3][4]


2015 legislative session

The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2015 legislative session.

Medical Affairs Committee Members, 2015
Democratic members (7)Republican members (10)
Kevin JohnsonHarvey S. Peeler, Jr., Chair
Floyd NicholsonLee Bright
Joel LourieDaniel B. "Danny" Verdin, III
C. Bradley HuttoJohn E. Courson
Darrell JacksonRobert W. Hayes, Jr.
Clementa C. PinckneyMichael L. Fair
John L. Scott, Jr.Raymond E. Cleary, III
Shane R. Martin
Thomas C. Alexander
Tom Davis




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