Medical marijuana initiative turns heads, confuses the mind

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October 8, 2009

Question 5 has various supporters and opponents, many of whom come from the legislature and the campaign leaders. However, the state’s leading medical figures are putting in their say as well. Just to clarify, medical marijuana is legalized in Maine already; the measure isn’t about legalizing the drug for medical use. The measure is about establishing nonprofit dispensaries to protect patients from arrest when buying from the black market.

According to supporters, obtaining the drug under current law is risky since there are no clear provisions in obtaining marijuana. Patients could grow the plant, but with medical problems such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis apparent in most of them, that just may not be the most feasible solution.

Still, notable physicians in the state of Maine don’t think Question 5 is the best way to go. Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH and State Health Director, doesn’t believe public health agencies should oversee marijuana dispensaries, as proposed by the referendum. According to Mills: “And the referendum, if passed, would conflict with current federal law. So to put a state agency in the position of dispensing a drug in an illegal way, and a harmful drug, I think would put us in a horrendous position."[1]

It is a tricky subject, especially since some medical marijuana patients are against the measure. Impossible? Don’t tell that to medical marijuana patient Don LaRouche. I’m off to Augusta to meet with the man against the measure, and who is spokesman for the Maine Citizens for Medical Marijuana. You’re probably asking, “He’s for medical marijuana but against the measure?” Confused yet? That’s what we’re here for.

Check back later today for our Q&A with Mr. LaRouche.

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