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The Michigan Association of Counties is a government sector lobbying association in Michigan. It is the Michigan chapter of the National Association of Counties. It is a 501(c)(4) organization. According to its website, the Michigan Association of Counties was formed in 1898 "to advocate for the interests of Michigan's county governments."

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Michigan government sector lobbying

The Michigan Association of Counties has a registered lobbyist with the Michigan Department of State.[1]

Income and Expenses

Illinois Association of County Board Members
Year Total Expenses Total Income Membership dues
(included in Total Income)
2007[2] $1,478,527 $1,352,705 $1,056,807
2006[3] $1,347,344 $1,325,195 $1,022,267
2005[4] $1,362,669 $1,338,489 $1,014,838

Note: Tax years begin September 1 in the current year and end August 31 the following year.

Lobbying priorities

Manufactured Housing. Michigan Association of Counties seeks changes to the siting procedures and regulation of manufactured housing parks and supports a revision of the tax structure of them to ensure that they pay an equitable share of the cost of services provided by local governments and schools.[5]

Mineral Rights: MAC supports protection of the rights of the surface owners of the minerals below the surface area they own from an improper seizure, including mineral rights registration and activity notification. Michigan Association of Counties also advocates that mineral rights should be subject to local taxation when exploration is active.[5]

Port Authority Development: Michigan Association of Counties supports legislation that encourage the development of port authorities which give all local units of government control over their respective jurisdictions as it relates to property tax exemptions.[5]

Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) and Commercial Forestry Act (CFA): MAC supports increasing funding for the PILT and maintain the current structure and increase funding of CFA. It does not support the state purchase of new land without local sign-off until it can afford to make full PILT payments.[5]

Gypsy Moth and Pest Infestation: MAC feels that any federal or state funding to control pests should come in the form of grants to counties for education and suppression efforts.[5]

Workforce Investment Act (WIA): MAC supports extensive control by County Commissioners in local delivery of services in the national Workforce Investment System, especially of the WIA board appointments. MAC supports Workforce Investment Area designation based upon existing county-structured partnerships and labor market areas, known as the Michigan Works! System and endorses eventual codification of the System in Michigan Law. It supports sustained funding for year-round WIA projects.[5]

Solid Waste Management: MAC supports solid waste management planning efforts whereby each county continues to have the authority to plan, coordinate, develop and implement its own solutions to meet the state requirements.[5]

Revenue sharing: The MAC is committed to making sure that the Governor and Michigan state legislature to stay committed to their promise of restoring county revenue sharing which was authorized by the governor and state legislature to help the state during tougher economic times.[5]

Department of human services/children's rights lawsuit settlement: The MAC is opposed to the state of Michigan imposing the costs of lawsuits in re: to its out of court settlement with Children's Rights. If counties were obligated to pay for the settlement county child expenditures would go up 8.5 million to 26 million dollars.[5]

Revising Sentencing Guidelines: The MAC believes that state prison overcrowding is a serious problem and that current sentencing guidelines are leading to this problem and that more offenders should be sent to county prisons.[5]


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