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Michigan Ballot Measures (1964-2005)

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In the table below of ballot measures, "CI" stands for a Citizen initiative, "CR" for a Citizen referendum, "BI" for a Bond issue and "LR" for a Legislative referral.

Constitutional Amendments


Year Type Proposition Subject Matter Description Pass or Fail Yes No
2004 CI Proposal 1 Gambling Requires voter approval of any form of gambling authorized by law Passed 2,689,448 1,926,721
2004 CI Proposal 2 Marriage Amendment Specify what can be recognized as a "marriage or similar union" for any purpose Passed 2,698,077 1,904,319
2002 CI Proposal 2 Taxes Reallocate the tobacco settlement revenue received by the state from cigarette manufacturers Failed 1,018,644 2,011,105
2002 CI 02-3 Business Regulations To grant state classified employees the constitutional right to collective bargaining with binding arbitration Failed 1,336,249 1,591,756
2002 LR 02-2 Administration of Government Allow certain permanent and endowment funds to be invested as provided by law and increase allowed spending for state parks, local parks and outdoor recreation Passed 925,475 565,971
2002 LR 02-1 Administration of Government Amend the provision of the state constitution governing the operation of the state officers compensation commission (SOCC) Passed 1,057,503 404,682
2000 CI 00-2 Administration of Government Require 2/3 legislative vote to enact laws affecting local governments Failed 1,242,516 2,548,995


Year Type Proposition Number Subject Matter Description Pass or Fail Yes No
2000 CI 00-1 Education To permit the state to indirectly support nonpublic school students Failed 1,235,533 2,767,320
1998 LR A Administration of Government To change the word "handicapped" to "disabled" in the constitution Passed 1,708,873 1,181,138
1996 LR C Bonds To establish the current Michigan Veteran's Trust Fund in the state constitution and require that expenditures from the fun be made solely for purposes authorized by the trust fund's board of trustees Passed 2,447,905 849,525
1996 LR B Judicial Reform To establish qualification for judicial offices Passed 2,806,833 629,402
1994 LR P Environment Establish a Michigan state parks endowment fund, increase the maximum allowable funds in Michigan natural resources trust fund, and eliminate diversion of dedicated revenue from Michigan natural resources trust fund Passed 2,007,097 806,888
1994 LR B Judicial Reform Limit criminal appeals Passed 2,118,734 761,784
1994 A Constitutional requirement Call for constitutional convention Failed 777,779 2,008,070
1994 LR A Taxes Increase sales tax from 4% to 6%; limit annual increases to property tax assessments, exempt school operating millages from uniform taxation requirement and require 3/4 vote of legislature to exceed statutorily established school operating millage rates Passed 1,684,541 750,952
1993 LR A Taxes Limit property tax assessments and increase sales tax Failed 1,008,425 1,164,468
1992 CI C Taxes Exempt property from a portion of school operating porperty taxes and limit annual increase in all property tax assessments Failed 1,552,119 2,276,360
1992 CI B Administration of Government Restrict/limit the number of times a person can be elected to congressional, state executive and state legislative offices Passed 2,295,904 1,613,404
1992 LR A Taxes Limit annual increased in homestead property tax assessments and provide separate tax limitations for different property classifications Failed 1,433,354 2,384,777


Year Type Proposition Number Subject Matter Description Pass or Fail Yes No
1989 LR B Taxes Tax increase from 4 cents to 6 cents, reduce school property taxes, set permanent school operating millages subject to voter renewal, and dedicate funds for local schools Failed 436,958 1,392,053
1989 LR A Taxes Increase sales tax from 4 cents to 6 cents and dedicate funds to local schools Failed 514,407 1,341,292
1988 LR B Judicial Reform Provide for rights of crime victims Passed 2,662,796 650,515
1986 LR C Administration of Government Expand authority of state officers compensation commission to include the Attorney General & Secretary of State Failed 905,767 910,297
1986 LR B Administration of Government Allow for approval or rejection of administrative rules by the legislature Failed 648,116 1,136,721
1986 LR A Administration of Government Allow establishment of the library of Michigan within the legislative branch Failed 908,627 936,643
1984 CI C Administration of Government Amend constitution relating to taxes, other revenues and voter or legislative approval for same Failed 1,376,141 2,035,867
1984 LR B Administration of Government Establish a natural resources trust fund and a board to administer it Passed 2,066,554 1,120,794
1984 LR A Administration of Government Allow legislature to approve or disapprove administrative rules proposed by state agencies Failed 1,280,948 1,827,677
1982 CI G Administration of Government Provide for an elected public service commission Failed 1,026,160 1,771,098
1982 CI B Administration of Government Create a Michigan department of state police Failed 720,915 2,111,802
1982 LR A Judicial Reform Allow the legislature to pass laws to reform members immunity from civil arrest and process during legislative sessions Passed 1,804,728 1,029,743
1982 LR A Taxes Reduce property taxes and city income taxes; limit growth of property tax revenues; return additional sales tax to local governments and schools; and require net lottery revenues be deposited in school aid fund Failed 560,924 1,451,305
1980 LR H Administration of Government Restrict authority of lieutenant governor and establish a procedure to fill a vacancy in the office of the lieutenant governor Failed 1,410,912 1,927,001
1980 LR G Judicial Reform Allow the legislature to pass laws to reform members immunity from civil arrest and process during legislative sessions Failed 1,287,172 2,134,546
1980 CI D Taxes Decrease property taxes and prohibit new types of homestead taxes Failed 1,622,301 2,051,008
1980 LR C Taxes Provide property tax relief; reimburse local and state governments with additional sales tax; require net state lottery revenues be deposited in school aid fund; and mandate creation of state "rainy day" fund Failed 894,441 2,583,253
1980 LR B Alcohol Regulation Lower minimal legal age for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages from 21 years to 19 years Failed 894,441 2,583,253
1980 CI A Education Make school boards responsible for school personnel and programs, reduce local property tax maximums for operation purposes, provide additional property tax relief for senior retirees and require the state to raise revenues necessary for equal per pupil funding of public schools Failed 746,027 2,769,497


Year Type Proposition Number Subject Matter Description Pass or Fail Yes No
1978 LR R Transportation Require the legislature to create a railroad redevelopment authority to make loans to railroads with trackage in Michigan and to authorize authority to issue general obligation bonds in amount not to exceed 175 million dollars. Failed 1,257,606 1,415,441
1978 LR M Transportation Allocate 90 percent of gas tax revenues for general road purposes; replace state highway commission with transportation commission. Passed 1,478,316 1,233,196
1978 LR K Judicial Reform Allow courts to deny bail under certain circumstances involving violent crimes Passed 2,307,038 458,357
1978 CI J Taxes Reduce property tax assessments to establish a maximum 5.6% on the rate of the state income tax; prohibit state legislature from requiring new or expanded local programs without funding; allow school income tax with voter approval Failed 1,032,343 1,737,133
1978 CI H Education Prohibit use of property taxes for school operating expenses and establish a voucher system for financing education of students at public and nonpublic schools Failed 718,440 2,075,583
1978 CI G Judicial Reform Grant Michigan troopers the right to collect bargaining and binding arbitration Passed 1,535,023 1,203,930
1978 CI E Taxes Establishes limits on taxes imposed by legislature and units of local government Passed 1,450,150 1,313,984
1978 CI D Alcohol Regulation Prohibit alcoholic beverages from being sold to, or possessed by a person under the age of 21. Passed 1,609,589 1,208,497
1978 LR C Bonds Authorize deposit of state funds in savings and load associations and credit unions as well as banks. Passed 1,819,847 933,101
1978 A Constitutional Requirement Call for a constitutional convention Failed 640,286 2,112,549
1976 CI D Taxes Would allow a graduated income tax Failed 897,780 2,332,513
1976 CI C Taxes Limits taxation imposed by state personal income to 8.3% Failed 1,407,438 1,866,620
1976 LR B Administration of Government Lower age of eligibility for office to 18 Failed 698,993 2,580,945
1974 CI C Taxes Eliminate sales tax on food and prescription drugs Passed 1,337,609 1,071,253
1974 LR A Taxes Limit use of motor fuel tax fund Failed 1,091,938 1,146,109
1972 CI D Taxes Permit state to impose graduated income tax and allow legislature to authorize political subdivisions to levy graduated income tax Failed 959,286 2,102,744
1972 CI C Taxes Limit property tax for school, county and township purposes and require the legislature to establish a state tax program for support of schools Failed 1,324,702 1,815,126
1972 LR A Judicial Reform Allow trial by jury of less than 12 in all prosecutions for misdemeanors punishable by imprisonment for not less than 1 year Passed 696,570 357,186
1972 LR B Administration of Government Permit members of legislature to resign and accept another office to which they have been elected or appointed Failed 866,593 915,312
1972 LR A Gaming Allow legislature to authorize lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets Passed 1,352,768 506,778
1970 LR B Administration of Government Lower voting age to 18 Failed 924,981 1,446,884
1970 CI C Education Prohibit public aid to nonpublic schools and students Passed 1,416,838 1,078,740


Year Type Proposition Subject Matter Description Pass or Fail Yes No
1968 LR Proposal 1 Taxes Permit state to impose graduate income tax Failed 614,826 2,025,052
1968 LR Proposal 5 Administration of Government Permit election members of legislature to another state office during their term in office Failed 778,388 1,783,186
1968 LR Proposal 3 Judicial Reform Define manner of filling judicial vacancies Passed 494,512 266,561
1968 LR Proposal 2 Administration of Government Require legislature to create state officers compensation commission Passed 417,393 346,839
1968 LR Proposal 1 Judicial Reform Establish judicial tenure commission Passed 553,182 228,738
1966 LR Proposal 1 Administration of Government Lower voting age to 18 Failed 703,076 1,267,872

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