Michigan Democrats announce possible 2010 ballot proposals

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July 27, 2009

LANSING, Michigan: Recently Mark Brewer, Michigan Democrat party chairman, announced a variety of ballot proposals for the 2010 statewide ballot. Brewer said that the proposals are aimed at protecting residents during the hard economic times that not only the state but also the country is facing.[1]

In response Gov. Jennifer Granholm said that she is pleased by the Democratic party's proposals. Specifically, she said she is "committed to job creation and protecting people during these challenging times -- and is pleased that the Democratic Party is considering proposals that do the same."[2]

However, not everybody agrees with the Democratic proposals. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce called the proposals "anti-jobs and anti-growth." Chamber president Rich Studley said,"Mark Brewer is playing with fire. The political and economic uncertainty caused by these anti-business proposals would do serious damage to our state's economic competitiveness."[3]

Possible ballot proposals include:[2]

  • Raise minimum wage to $10 per hour
  • Impose a 12 month moratorium on foreclosures
  • Cut utility bills by 20%
  • Require employers to provide health care to employees and dependents
  • Increase eligibility and unemployment benefits by $100 per week for 6 months

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