Michigan House Bill 6060 (2012)

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Michigan House Bill 6060 (2012)
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Legislature:Michigan State Legislature
Text:As enrolled
Legislative History
Introduced:November 28, 2012
State house:December 14, 2012
Vote (lower house):Y 65, N 40
State senate:February 9, 2012
Vote (upper house):Y 22, N 16
Governor:Rick Snyder
Signed:December 13, 2012
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Michigan
Michigan House Bill 6060 is a 2012 Michigan law that tightens recall laws and makes it more difficult to recall elected officials.[1]


Senate Bill 1210 was primarily sponsored by Anthony Forlini, Marilyn Lane, Ken Goike, Jeff Farrington, Lesia Liss, Harold L. Haugh, Andrea LaFontaine.[2]

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