Michigan Redistricting Collaborative

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Michigan Redistricting Collaborative
Website:Draw the Line Michigan
The Michigan Redistricting Collaborative (MRC) is a coalition of non-profit groups advocating for redistricting reform in Michigan. Announced on February 10, 2011, it is part of the larger Draw the Line Midwest campaign.


The Michigan Redistricting Collaborative seeks a more transparent and open redistricting process, and to increase public involvement.[1]

They propose four steps to open up the process:

  • Require redistricting plans to be available on the Legislature’s web site for 30 days before passage.
  • That each chamber be required to hold at least two committee meetings to receive testimony about the plan.
  • That the Legislature hold at least four public hearings around the state to allow direct comment by the public.
  • That the Legislature provide a statement for each district explaining how the boundaries were drawn and how the district has been changed.[2]

State partners

As of April 8, 2011, the following organizations are listed as state partners.

  • AARP Michigan
  • ACLU of Michigan
  • APIA Vote-Michigan
  • Blue Water Developmental Housing
  • Brain Injury Association of Michigan
  • The Center for Michigan
  • Clean Water Action
  • Common Cause Michigan
  • Data Driven Detroit
  • Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Joint Cities Development
  • LA SED (Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development)
  • League of Women Voters of Michigan
  • Michigan Association of United Ways
  • Michigan Campaign Finance Network
  • Michigan Campus Compact
  • Michigan Center for Election Law and Administration

  • Michigan Citizen Action
  • Michigan Citizens Education Fund
  • Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness
  • Michigan Education Association
  • Michigan Election Reform Alliance
  • Michigan Jewish Federation
  • Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS)
  • Michigan Universal Healthcare Access Network
  • Michigan Voice
  • Multicultural Council of America
  • NAACP – Michigan State Conference
  • Nonprofit Network
  • NorthSky Nonprofit Network
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice
  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan
  • Volunteer Centers of Michigan
  • Women’s Informal Network

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