Michigan Senate Bill 1087 (2008)

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Michigan Senate Bill 1087 was proposed in the Michigan State Senate as a restriction on initiative rights in Michigan. The sponsor of the bill was Mark Jansen, a Republican. He introduced it on February 12, 2008.[1][2]


SB 1087 would have:

  • Made it illegal for people to collect signatures on initiative petitions who were merely qualified to be registered electors of Michigan; instead, the person asking for signatures must actually be a registered elector.
  • Required that the Michigan Secretary of State give county clerks the ballot language 60, rather than 49, days prior to the election.


Two other bills to restrict initiative rights in Michigan were also proposed in the 2008 legislative session. Michigan Senate Joint Resolution K (2008)‎ proposed a distribution requirement and Michigan Senate Bill 1086 (2008)‎ proposed a filing deadline of March 15--much earlier than the current filing deadlines allowed in the state.

In combination, the three bills--if they were enacted-- would have represented a significant abridgment of initiative rights in Michigan.

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