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Michigan Tea Party leaders challenge ballot petitions

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July 16, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

LANSING, Michigan: Tea Party leaders in the State of Michigan are taking issue with over 59,000 signatures filed under the "Tea Party" label for ballot access[1].

Don Jakel, the Treasurer of the West Michigan Tea Party, is filing a challenge with the Secretary of State claiming that the 59,400 signatures collected by candidates was done in a deceptive fashion[1].

Jakel told UPI that: "they are definitely not part of any Tea Party we know of." Jeff Roys, who is another Tea Party leader in Michigan, has said that they are not interested in fielding their own slate of candidates. Roys said that they will endorse a constitutional conservative regardless of which party label the endorsed candidate holds[1].

Tea Party leaders are accusing the Michigan Democratic Party of filing the false petitions. A spokesperson for the Michigan Democrats denied the allegations[1].

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