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Michael Arno (born 1956) is the founder of Arno Political Consultants (established in 1979), and the co-founder of APC International (established in 1989). He served as an advisor to Philadelphia II and is regarded as a leading advocate "for the peoples' right to petition."

Arno has lectured in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; as well as Kiev, Ukraine. Additionally, he has advised the European Parliament in Brussels regarding the creation of the petition process for the European Union.


Before immersing himself in politics, Arno was the editor for the Dallas Morning News and the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

He studied journalism and history at the University of California, Los Angeles; and currently resides in Sacramento, California.

Testimony in pay-per-signature lawsuit

In 2005, Arno testified in the Citizens for Tax Reform v. Deters lawsuit that if he were to manage a petition drive in Ohio and was restricted from paying circulators by the signature, he would have to charge the sponsors of an initiative considerably more than if he could pay circulators by the signature.

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