Mike Carr and Larry O'Brien recall, Mayville, North Dakota (2013)

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A vote about whether to recall Mike Carr and Larry O'Brien from their elected positions on the city council of Mayville, North Dakota, took place on January 16, 2013.[1] Carr and O'Brien were both retained in office.[2] Both Carr and O'Brien were elected in 2010, and are serving out terms slated to end in 2014.


The catalyst for recall was a June 2012 vote in which both Carr and O'Brien opted to eliminate the position of city public works director Byron Kleven.[1] The responsibilities of the former city public works director will be taken on by the city auditor. Mayville has a population of about 2,000 people. Recall supporter Deb Kylo said, "In a town this size you need somebody that can give you an answer. Like right now.” Carr defends the decision, saying, "It became more of an administrative position when it was designed to be more of a working position...I really don't feel there is a need for it in a city that size. Something bigger, maybe 10,000 people or higher, would need a position like that.” The salary for the public works director position was just over $50,000.[3]

Path to the ballot

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In October 2012, City Auditor Gail Olstad certified the necessary 104 signatures on both Carr and O'Brien's recall petitions. Citizens could file to run against Carr and O'Brien in the recall election. Interested candidates had until November 19 to file nominating petitions, which required a minimum of 30 signatures.[1]

Election results

  • Votes to retain Mike Carr: 236 Approveda
  • Votes to retain Larry O'Brien: 202 Approveda
  • Votes to elect Jeanette Zimprich: 84 Defeatedd
  • Votes to elect Danny Hefta: 20 Defeatedd
  • Votes to elect Joseph Henning: 39 Defeatedd
  • Votes to elect Brian Pederson: 48 Defeatedd
  • Votes to elect Randall Stennes: 57 Defeatedd[2]

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