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Mike Shirkey recall, Michigan House of Representatives (2011)

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An effort to recall Mike Shirkey, a member of the Republican Party, from his elected position representing District 65 in the Michigan House of Representatives was launched in summer 2011.[1] The recall never made it to the ballot.

Path to the ballot

Recall language targeting Shirkey for his support of an emergency financial manager law was approved 2-1 by the Jackson County Election Commission on August 1, 2011. The commission had rejected the language of two previous petitions.[1] Petitioners have 180 days to gather enough signatures to trigger a recall election. Recall organizers would have had to collect 7,268 signatures, which represents 25% of the number of district voters that cast ballots in the last Michigan governor's race. All of the signatures had to be gathered within a 90-day window of the 180 days.[2]

Reasons for recall

Recall organizers cited Shirkey’s support for an amended emergency financial manager law adopted in March 2011 as the reason for recall. Michael Hills is leading the recall campaign. He argues that the emergency financial manager law gives "sole authority to reject, modify, or terminate 1 or more terms and conditions of an existing contract, and existing collective bargaining agreements," which Hills says is unconstitutional.[2]

Shirkey responded, "Let’s allow them their right to go out and collect signatures."[1]

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