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Miles Handy

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Miles Handy, Township Supervisor
Miles Handy is an elected supervisor in Redford Township,[1] Michigan and a supporter of Andy Dillon in the 2008 campaign to recall Andy Dillon. Handy believes that Dillon would make "a fine governor."[2]

On April 15, Handy made the controversial decision to send a police force to the site of an anti-tax protest that was staged by proponents of the Dillon recall. He justified this decision by calling the recall organizers "outside protestors." He said, "We plan to send them a bill for orchestrating an event and costing Redford Township precious resources."[3]

One pro-recall petition circulator believes that Handy is responsible for repeatedly sending police officers to interfere with the collection of signatures.[4]

Leon Drolet of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance has alleged[5]:

"The petitioner activists have slogged through frigid, dark February and cold, snowy March collecting signatures. They have faced off against nasty thugs employed by Andy Dillon. They have been confronted by Redford Police Officers who are forced to discourage petitioners by Redford Supervisor Miles Handy - Dillon's close political ally."

Real estate development to provide homes to police officers at discounted sales price

Handy indicated to the Detroit Free Press in April 2008 that Redford Township had set aside $400,000 for redevelopment of a dozen foreclosed-upon homes. He stated that it was his intention to "try to lure the city's police and firefighters into some of the homes at a discounted sale price." According to what Supervisor Handy told the newspaper:

"We'll purchase every one we can for $1. The way we look at it, if we demolish the property, then we can sell the lot. If we fix the home up ... put $40,000 into making it a nice attractive home site, we get a resident in our community and get rid of a potential eyesore."[6]

Handy retracts bonuses to police officers for writing tickets

In August 2007, a protest at the Redford Township police station led Handy to end his practice of giving police officers a cash bonus for writing traffic citations.[7]

Redford Township

Redford Township is a western suburb of Detroit. As measured in the 2000 census, the population is 51,622. The unemployment rate in Redford Township is 9.9%.

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