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Minimum wage inches closer to New Jersey 2013 ballot with Senate approval

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February 8, 2012

By Al Ortiz

New Jersey

TRENTON, New Jersey: The issue of minimum wage is all in the New Jersey General Assembly's hands - for now.

On February 7, the New Jersey State Senate voted to approve a measure that would raise the minimum wage in the state by $1, sending it to the General Assembly. The General Assembly must approve the measure before it can be sent to the ballot. There, it will face the voters of the state.[1]

Previously, a proposal was introduced in the New Jersey Legislature to increase the minimum wage to $8.50 within a few weeks of the potential law's enactment. However, on January 28, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the proposal, instead requesting that the minimum wage be increased to $8.50, but over the span of two years.

However, legislators in support of the measure did not agree with Christie's proposal, and instead turned their efforts to placing the measure on the ballot instead of trying to enact the law immediately through Christie.

The current minimum wage in the state is $7.50.