Minnesota GOP lawmakers considering Right-To-Work measure

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January 12, 2011

By Kyle Maichle

ST. PAUL, Minnesota: Republicans who control both houses of the Minnesota Legislature introduced a possible 2012 ballot measure to make the North Star State Right-To-Work.[1]

Minnesota is the latest Midwest state to consider making mandatory union membership illegal. The measure, if approved, would prohibit employers and unions from making union membership or payment of union dues as a condition of employment or union membership.[1]

Union membership is high in the Northern part of Minnesota consisting from tradesmen to teachers. However, union leaders expressed concern of making Minnesota a Right-To-Work state. Alan Netland, President of the North East Labor Council, said: "it's bad news for unions...Basically, those who would benefit from union negotiations wouldn't have to pay for those benefits."[1]

Since Republicans hold a majority in both the State House and Senate, they do not need the signature of Governor Mark Dayton in order to qualify the measure.[1]

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