Minnesota Legislature heavily lobbied by business groups

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June 28, 2013


By Axel Spaeh

St. Paul, Minnesota: During the latest session of the Minnesota State Legislature, which took place during the first five months of 2013, business groups were the largest spenders on lobbying, followed by organizations lobbying for labor union proposals. In an effort to counter proposals in the Democrat dominated legislature, the top three business groups spent more than $1.86 million combined. While not spending as much as business organizations, several organizations supporting labor union proposals each reported five and six figure spending.[1]

The same sex marriage debate saw a stark contrast in amount spent on lobbying from both sides. Minnesotans United for All Families spent about $1.6 million in support of same sex marriage, while Minnesota for Marriage only spent $211,000 in opposition.[1]

The Minnesota legislature will not return to session until 2014, unless the Governor of Minnesota calls a special session to address a specific issue.[2]

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