Minnesota Senate votes down bill that would move primary to June

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April 26, 2012


ST. PAUL, Minnesota: On a 35-30 vote the Minnesota State Senate rejected a bill on Monday that would have moved the state's primary election from August to June. The push to move the date up has been previously endorsed by Gov. Mark Dayton (D) and the bill was passed by the House. It now goes back to a conference committee to be renegotiated.[1]

Supporters of the bill say moving up the date would increase voter turnout and put more focus on the general election. Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL) explained, "Instead of discussions over who's the best Democrat or Republican, more of the election season would focus on who's the best for the job."[1] Opponents argue that voters don't want a longer election season. "What I hear when people discuss elections is that people find the length of elections tiresome," said Sen. Dick Cohen (DFL).[2]

Minnesota used to hold their primary in September, but in 2010 it was moved to August.[1]

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