Mississippi Judges could draw redistricting map for state

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November 23, 2011


JACKSON, Mississippi: A lawsuit brought forth by the Mississippi branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has led three Mississippi federal judges to state that they will draw up the new map for congressional districts in the state. The state legislation has failed to come up with a new map so the judges see this as exercising their authority to take over the matter. The NAACP branch stated that because the legislature has failed to set up new districts in the state they have failed to give equal opportunity to African-American voters in participating in the political process of redistricting and the ability to elect representatives of their choice and would dilute black voting power. The lawsuit was filed against state officials including the current Governor, Haley Barbour. The judges have given the parties involved in the lawsuit until December 12 to object to the court's decision to draw up the redistrict map. Having a new congressional map is important for those wanting to run for offices next year, the deadline for qualifying as a candidate in January 13, 2012.[1]

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