Mississippi lawmaker rescinds invalid resignation

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January 12, 2013


By Zac Humphrey

JACKSON, Mississippi: David Gibbs is off to an interesting start of a new legislative session. Gibbs is a Democratic member of the Mississippi House of Representatives who has represented the 36th District since 1993. On the legislature's opening day, Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn read Gibbs' letter of resignation. Gibbs' explained that this was due to health problems and the desire to spend time with family.[1] Gibbs' family later wrote a letter to Gunn explaining that the representative wanted to rescind the resignation.[2]

After some research done by staffers, it was concluded that the resignation was not official because it was not filed with the Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.[2] In a statement, Nathan Wells, chief of staff to Gunn said, "[Gibbs] is still a member of the House of Representatives."[3]

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